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Sigiriya Fresco

Sigiriya Fresco
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John Still in 1907 had observed that; "The whole face of the hill appears to have been a gigantic picture gallery... the largest picture in the world perhaps".

The paintings would have covered most of the western face of the rock, covering an area 140 meters long and 40 meters high. There are references in the graffiti to 500 ladies in these paintings. However, many more are lost forever, having been wiped out when the Palace once more became a Monastery so that they would not disturb meditation.

Classified as in the Anuradhapura period but the painting style technique used to paint is considered unique. The line and application style of the paintings differ from the Anuradhapura paintings. The lines are painted in a form which enhances the sense of volumeness of figures. The paint has been applied in sweeping action strokes using more pressure on one side giving the effect of a deeper colour tone towards the edge. Other paintings of the Anuradhapura period contains similar approaches to painting but they do not have the sketchy nature of the sigiriya lines as the painting of the Anuradhapura period has a distinct line which was the artists boundary which does not resemble that of the Sigiriya style.

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Ceylon Coin

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The Stiver was the currency used in Sri Lanka during the early period of British rule (between 1801 and 1821). The currency is derived from the Dutch who previously occupied the coastal regions of the country. The British seem to have used this Dutch denomination during the early years of their rule of Sri Lanka. The name "stuiver" is still used in Holland to refer to the 5 euro cent coin.

The obverse shows a standard profile image of George III. A good example of early coinage made with a steam press. Note the date of the coin 1815, the year of the fall of the Kandyan Kingdom in Sri Lanka to the British - and the Battle of Waterloo and Congress of Vienna.